Although 2020 won’t be remembered as the easiest year for the furniture industry, we still believe in the future of a quality working environment. After years of brainstorming and designing we chose this year to introduce our very own development, the regionally manufactured, multifunctional office furniture – We Hive. 


Soundproofed and separated workspace with modular workstations


At We Hive we believe in creating a more comfortable, user-friendly, high-quality and less stressful work environment that focuses on the needs of both employers and employees.

Nowadays popular, large, modern, open-space offices use various materials (cement, glass, smooth surfaces) that reflect noises instead of absorbing them. This leads to significant stress for those working at places with louder working processes, especially in call centers. Individual, intense work that requires concentration is almost impossible because of noise pollution. No matter the industry employers have realised by now that the well-being of employees is key to the success of the company, just as well as their long-term satisfaction and motivation. An ergonomic work environment as a sound absorbing acoustical solution is inevitable for high performing employers.

We Hive serves a solution for all the above mentioned. We consider productivity and stress-reduction during our design processes. We pay great attention to ensure personal space for each and every workstation. We Hive integrates creative design and innovative materials guaranteeing an ergonomic, acoustic and private work environment even in open-space offices. It is a pleasure working with a domestic contractor to support unique manufacturing and secure our quality requirements. They work towards short deadlines.


Modular and multifunctional work environment


Thanks to the module system each part is variable and different arrangements can be assembled easily, allowing you the most from your available office space.

By setting the tabletop to normal or raised position, it can be adjusted to any personal preference and ergonomics. One-person armchairs and two-persons sofas create perfect spaces for short meetings or phone conversations.

Acoustic, soundproof office


The acoustical fabric panels of We Hive offer the best sound absorbing performance possible, allowing for quieter working conditions when engaging in phone conversations, even in large, open-plan offices and call centers.


Separated workstations


Following the rules of anthropometry and ergonomy, We Hive can create a spacious, but personal and practical workspace. Creating a separated, private area for employees was our capital design principle, along with securing the quality of the work environment.

Unique, bespoke office design


The design of the office plays a huge part of the profile of the company. The workspace itself has a huge influence on employees. A wide range of We Hive office furniture’s colours, materials and accessories can be tailored to any company profile based on their requirements.


Colours and materials – endless possibilities


A wide range of colours, fabrics and materials can be tailored to any company profile. You can choose between 15 fabrics and 12 tabletops to create your own style that fits your work environment the best. Make it trendy, elegant, fresh, minimal or bohemian, We Hive covers all your needs.